Sunday, 16 January 2011

Animation Test

The first bit of animation, a bit of a trial to figure out exactly my process, its still unfinished as the bed the character is lying on hasn't been included yet, but as a tool to indicate the approach it does the job. Been debating for quite a while as to the look in terms of post production and decided in the end to go for something that has a bit of camera movement even on mostly locked shots. I don't really intend for it to look hand held but I wanted it too feel a bit more natural and not as if its on a stage so to speak, this applies as well to the motion blur which i'm still toying with to get something that looks fluid without being overbearing. The last issue is the line boil i'm trying to reduce this for subsequent shots and I think that it's mostly down to doing all the rough animation on 2s as opposed to doing the cleanup and some of the inbetweens at the same time, which also saves precious time.

Untitled from David Dymond on Vimeo.

Synopsis page

Sunday, 2 January 2011

character sheets

Turnarounds for the main characters. I toyed a lot with the look of characters in terms of how prominent the line would be as I really didn't want it it be overbearing and stand out too much from the coloured backgrounds and think this is a pretty happy medium. Experimented with no line whatsoever but the action was a bit lost in the enviroment so I feel this works the best.

second background

Extra Concept work

This is a selection of the concept work I've done, I'll try and break it down into nice tasty morsels as to not confuse things.

First off some of my initial designs, the story idea has moved on since these but several of the same ideas and themes are still there.

Next up a bunch of environment sketches, all pretty loose, working out ideas from a variety of references, largely from hong kong and tokyo, but there are bits and bobbs of all sorts floating around.

Lastly a bunch of character studies, mostly to get a feel for them and to work out some of the kinks.